Question:  Are you only selling 1-2 life insurance cases per month?  Why is that?  When we surveyed nearly 100 insurance agents, we heard why — TIME!!!  Your time devoted to growing your agency and client database is simply at a premium!  Typically, you know that your clients don’t have enough Life Insurance, but you simply don’t have time to discuss the need, run rates, communicate with your prospect, or complete those length life applications if they say “yes”!!  Well, now you have a very simple and affordable solution to that problem — Welcome to MWLB Express!

Our Mission Statement: MWLB Express is a service-oriented website that allows for our partner Insurance Agents, Broker-Dealers, or Financial Planners to easily offer life insurance products to their established clientele without the hassle or time expense of writing the application or even selling the protection to each client.

Our simple process: Once the case is submitted by the Agent to MWLB Express, our processing center will reach out to your client and complete the following steps on each application: complete the appropriate carrier application package, obtain all signatures, submit the case to the carrier in good order, order and retrieve all pre-underwriting requirements, negotiate and receive an offer from the carrier and send the policy back to the agent for placement.  In some circumstances, MWLB Express will even discuss the type and amount of coverage the client is looking for AND after approval, send the policy directly to the PolicyOwner for placement.  All the agent would need to do is submit a case to MWLB Express and wait for their commission check.

MWLB Express is in business to help you create “sticky clients”, which we have defined as a client that looks to you, and only you, for their financial solutions.  If you’re not discussing life insurance products with your current stable of clients, someone else is.

Thank you for stopping by, and please give our services a try today.